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UN: Taliban raising half a billion dollars a year from opium production

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime has just released its Afghanistan Opium Survey for 2008. The report highlights the fact that Taliban-affiliated war-lords, drug-lords and insurgents have extracted “almost half a billion dollars of tax revenue from drug farming,

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ECJ ruling: A threat to the Al-Qaeda and Taliban sanctions (Head of the UN sanctions monitoring team)

The Washington Institute recently published an interesting article by Richard Barrett, head of the al Qaeda/Taliban monitoring team for the UN, on how the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice on Yassin Al Kadi and Al Barakaat International

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Swiss Supreme Court keeps Youssef Nada on the Terrorist List

On November 14, the Swiss Supreme Court (in a ruling published on November 27) dismissed a claim filed by Youssef Nada to be removed along with several entities, including Al Taqwa Bank, from the Swiss Decree of October 2, 2000,

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The European Court of Justice prohibits real property transactions for designated terrorists

On October 11, the European Court of Justice issued an important ruling regarding the interpretation and scope of the international sanctions mechanism of assets freezing for real property transactions. UN resolution 1390 (2002) adopting sanctions against individuals and entities designated

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Yassin Al Kadi interviewed over freezing of assets

In an interview to the Saudi Okaz newspaper published on December 26, 2006, Yassin Al Kadi confirmed that the Saudi kingdom has submitted an application to the UN to lift his name from the list of associates of the Taliban,

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Turkey flouts UN sanctions on Kadi

On July 20, 2006, the Turkish Council of State (Turkish highest administrative Court) took the unprecedented step of overturning a government order freezing the assets of Yassin Al Kadi, after he had been designated as an individual associated to Al

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