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The U.S. Supreme Court bans humanitarian support to terrorist organizations

In its ruling of June 21, 2010 (Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project), the U.S. Supreme Court further clarified the notion of “material support” to designated foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) and brushed aside so-called “peaceful or humanitarian” support to such organizations.

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The Mumbai attacks: Early warnings pointing to Lashkar E Taiba

Early claims from an unknown terrorist group, the Deccan Mujahideen, supposedly an offshoot of the Indian Mujahideen (itself an emanation of the Students Islamic Movement of India –SIMI-), have raised fresh speculations that the Mumbai attacks could have been carried

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UN: Taliban raising half a billion dollars a year from opium production

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime has just released its Afghanistan Opium Survey for 2008. The report highlights the fact that Taliban-affiliated war-lords, drug-lords and insurgents have extracted “almost half a billion dollars of tax revenue from drug farming,

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A new focus on trade-based terrorism financing and Fortent Inform recently posted a very interesting article on Trade-Based Money Laundering and terrorism financing to which I contributed. Trading of commodities has been a key terrorism financing vehicle for years, as a way to provide cover for

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Morocco foils a major terrorist plot (Updated)

On March 11, a major terrorist plot was foiled when Abdelfettah Raydi accidentally detonated his explosive belt in a cybercafé of Casablanca. Raydi’s accomplice, Youssef Khoudri, was injured and later arrested. Click to view a video of the scene: cybercaf_bombing_casablanca_morocco_11032007.avi

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Alleged mastermind of Moroccan terrorist plot arrested

According to the Moroccan authorities, the alleged mastermind of the terrorist plot that was foiled on Sunday after one of the suicide bombers triggered his explosive belt in a cybercafé was arrested only hours before the incident. According to our

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