Tariq Ramadan forced to retract defamatory statements

On February 21, 2007, an Islamic website posted an article containing the following comment of Tariq Ramadan regarding my allegations against him: “Brisard knowingly disseminates false allegations against me since years”.

I threatened to file a criminal complaint in France against Tariq Ramadan and expose every single document proving my allegations. So, on March 5, 2007 he retracted his defamatory statement.

During a face to face debate I had with him on Swiss TV in December 2003, I’ve already provided evidence to support my claims. But Ramadan, as usual, denied everything.

Since then, Tariq Ramadan was denied entry to the United States on grounds of “providing material support to a terrorist organization” through donations to organizations supporting Hamas.

As I’ve reported earlier, lots of evidence, ranging from criminal prosecutions to intelligence and police reports, support the fact that Tariq Ramadan has been in contact with several well-known terrorists in Europe during the last 20 years.

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  1. Tariq Ramadan Exposed

    I wrote recently about Tariq Ramadan’s “usual excuses for the pattern of extremism that follows him like a cloud” – and here is a most interesting example of this, made available to me and translated from Italian by Lorenzo Vidino of the Investigative

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