Turkey finally enforcing UN sanctions against Kadi, extending investigations

After months of political controversy over the alleged links between Yassin Al Kadi and Turkish ruling party leaders, and a Court decision in July 2006 unfreezing his assets on technical grounds, the High Administrative Court (Council of State) Cases Chamber ruled that UN sanctions must be enforced. This ruling confirms, as previously explained, that when the UN Security Council acts pursuant to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations in deciding that the funds of certain individuals or entities must be frozen, its decisions are binding on all members of the United Nations and national Courts have no authority to reconsider or contradict such decisions.

Meanwhile, an Istanbul public prosecutor reportedly extended investigations on Yassin Al Kadi to include new documents cited in a recent book. In “Charitable terrorist”, Nedim Sener, a Turkish investigative journalist alleges that a Kadi firm has been founded by the current legal advisor to the Turkish Prime minister. He also claims that a ruling party leader was an associate of Kadi. According to the book, a key institution for Kadi transactions was Albaraka Turk, owned by the Albaraka Banking Group. The current Turkish finance minister, Kemal Unakitan, is a former shareholder and board member of the bank.


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