US Treasury designates Hizballah South American fundraisers

The US Treasury Department just announced additional designations of Hizballah fundraisers and operatives in South America. Most of them are members of the Assad Ahmad Barakat’s network. Barakat has been designated on June 10, 2004. These actions should definetely silence previous comments suggesting Hizballah had no financial activities in the region. We’ve pointed out earlier on this blog the extent of the Hizballah network in the Triple Border area, or Tres Fronteras, a coterminous region between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Among designated individuals and entities is Galeria Page, a shopping center located in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, that, according to the US Treasury Department is “considered the central headquarters for Hizballah members” in the area. The building still hosts many businesses that should require additional review and investigations.

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