Nasreddin silent Turkish businesses

More than four years after being designated by the G7 on April 19, 2002, and by the United Nations on April 24, 2002, former Al Taqwa Bank director Ahmed Idris Nasreddin continues to freely run businesses in Turkey through family members, according to the official Turkish corporations’ registration office. Most of the following companies have not even been designated by national or international authorities.

– Nasco Nasreddin Holding
– Nasco Sentetik Elyaf AS
– Nasco Tekstil Sanayi AS
– Nasco Yatirim Ve Sinai Urunler Pazarmala AS
– Nasco Kofeksiyon Tekstil Boya AS
– Nasco Sigorta Acenteligi AS

The most intriguing is not the unwillingness of the Turkish government to take actions against Nasreddin (the Prime minister of this country recently offered a public support to a designated terrorist), but the apparent inability of the international community to enforce its decisions.

Such obvious breaches are confirmed by Interpol’s Secretary General comments to Al Jazeera on November 15 that “there is an international failure to fight terrorism at the most basic level — that no rational citizen of any of our countries would accept if they were made aware of how significant the failure is and how easy it would be to correct”.

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