Swiss decision dismissing SDGT Yassin Al Kadi complaint

Yassin Al Kadi, aka Yassin Al Qadi (Specially Designated Global Terrorist -SDGT- on October 12, 2001) filed a criminal complaint against me in 2004 in Switzerland for allegedly violating the secrecy of an expert mandate I’ve held in the course of the prosecution of a criminal case against him. An extraordinary prosecutor appointed to investigate the matter confirmed that these were baseless allegations by deciding on March 27, 2006 to dismiss the action brought by Yassin Al Kadi and found that “there is no indication that the person you namely denounced, M. Jean-Charles BRISARD, or any of his assistants, had communicated information covered by the secrecy of the function he should have respected in the framework of the analysis mandate delivered to him by M. Claude NICATI [Deputy Attorney General of Switzerland] at the end of February 2004 in the case regarding your client”. The decision is available in French ( Jomini_YAK_JCB_FR.pdf) and English ( Jomini_YAK_JCB_US.pdf). Switzerland opened a formal investigation on Yassin Al Kadi on September 25, 2001 for allegedly “transferring millions [of dollars] in his capacity of President of an NGO named “Muwafaq” to associates of the Al Qaeda network using Swiss bank accounts”. When the US Treasury Department designated Abdul Latif Saleh on September 19, 2005, Stuart Levey, the US Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence stated that “Saleh has multiple ties to al Qaida, ranging from the Al Haramain Foundation to Yasin Qadi to Usama bin Laden”.

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