DMI and JCB agree to settle a criminal complaint

On December 15, 2003, DMI filed a libel criminal complaint against me in Switzerland based on comments made about the group and its banking affiliates in a testimony before the Senate Banking Committee on October 22, 2003 during hearings on terrorism financing. Considering that the wording used had been wrongly interpreted, I agreed on March 14, 2006 to issue a correction, termed “withdrawal” under Swiss law. By this agreement, DMI accepts to dismiss its complaint against me without any financial condition. The text of the agreed correction is the following: “Withdrawal – Correction. In view of the Swiss criminal proceedings engaged against Jean-Charles Brisard by DMI Administrative Services SA following his written testimony dated October 22nd 2003 lodged with the Banking Committee of the US Senate and made accessible on said authority’s website, Jean-Charles Brisard wishes to specify that when he mentioned DMI, its subsidiaries or the Group’s organs in this testimony, he never meant that these entities could have directly or indirectly financed or participated in the financing of terrorism. He regrets that these statements may have been wrongly interpreted”.

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Jean-Charles Brisard is an international consultant, specialized in the financing of terrorist organizations.
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