JCB criminal complaint against Yeslam Bin Laden

During an interview with the French magazine VSD published on November 30, 2005, Yeslam Bin Laden, half brother of Osama Bin Laden, stated that Jean-Charles Brisard “is irritated because I win my lawsuits against him” (It is just the contrary, I won every single lawsuit filed by Yeslam Bin Laden). He also stated that the facts I raise against him are “baseless”, adding that my job was to “fabricate stories”. He also stated in the same interview that he never shared a UBS account with his half-brother, while the evidence of this account has been provided to a French judge investigating Yeslam Bin Laden (YBL_VSD.pdf). Based on these comments, the French magazine decided to publish my interview in response to Yeslam Bin Laden on December 14, 2005. I announced in this interview that I will sue Yeslam Bin Laden for his defamatory comments and reversed all his allegations (JCB_VSD.pdf and US translation JCB_VSD_US.doc).

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