Swiss decision dismissing Yeslam Bin Laden complaint

Yeslam Bin Laden filed a criminal complaint against me in December 2004 in Switzerland for allegedly violating the secrecy of an expert mandate I’ve held in the course of the prosecution of another case, after I revealed to a French financial judge investigating a company runned by Yeslam Bin Laden that he had maintained a joint bank account with his brother Osama Bin Laden in Switzerland until 1997 (French magistrate widens Bin Laden Finance probe). An extraordinary prosecutor appointed to investigate the matter decided on September 23, 2005 to dismiss the action brought by Yeslam Bin Laden (decision_Jomini_ybl_jcb_us.doc). Although Yeslam Bin Laden previously denied having had “any contact with his half-brother for the past 20 years”, he had to admit before the French judge that he had “omitted” to mention the existence of that account.
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