French Court of Appeal decision against DMI

DMI Trust (Dar Al Maal Al Islami) brought libel actions against me and several other individuals and entities in France. These actions were based, as reported in the 2003 annual report of DMI Trust by its Chairman Mohamed Al Faisal Al Saud, on the assumption that “the allegations against us are wholly without merit and we intend to take whatever actions are appropriate to defend the DMI Group’s position and reputation. We have taken numerous steps during the past year to illustrate and establish the baselessness of the cases that have been filed. Such steps have included the prosecution of lawsuits in various European jurisdictions against the “investigators” who claim to have developed and shaped the allegations against us” (Dmi annual report 2003.pdf). On April 28, 2005, the Paris Court of Appeal dismissed the DMI claims and ruled that my allegations on the “financial participation of DMI in the capital of Al-Shamal Islamic Bank” (a Sudanese bank funded by Osama Bin Laden according to the US government) were “objective capital links”. The Court of Appeal also dismissed DMI’s argument that “financing of international Islamism is the same thing as financing international terrorism”, ruling that the notion of “Islamism” which refers to a Muslim religious movement preaching the strict principles of the Koran and intending to extend Islam cannot be assimilated with “terrorism” (Dmi Appeal decision.doc).
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